Healthy for Life Classes Start Feb. 4

healthy4lifeIf you’re looking to make healthy changes this year, Get Healthy West Georgia’s Healthy for Life classes can offer you the extra motivation you need to reach your goals.

Get Healthy West Georgia launched its second annual Weight Loss Challenge last week with more than 1,500 participants from Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties. Participants will be using the free resources on to track their weight loss.

In addition to the online weight loss challenge, Get Healthy West Georgia is also offering weekly Healthy for Life classes. The first class will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 6 p.m. at Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton in Classroom 2 of the Health Education and Wellness Learning Center. Each weekly class is free and open to the public.

“Healthy for Life classes are a fun way to connect with others who are making healthy changes. Every class is inspiring, motivational and entertaining, and they offer proven strategies to help people lose weight, improve their nutrition and increase their physical fitness,” said Melissa Brillhart, a registered dietitian at Tanner Health System who will be teaching the series.

Raineys race photoGuest Speakers To Share Inspiring, Motivational Stories
“What started as a weight loss journey has turned into a passion for health and fitness that changed my entire life,” said Nicole Rainey, a financial analyst with Tanner Medical Group. “I lost weight but I’ve gained so much more — confidence, strength and the pride of knowing that I can commit to something and see it through.”

Rainey and her husband, Robbie, joined the 2013 weight loss challenge together; they will speak about how they made healthy changes a part of their family’s lifestyle.

“Being part of a community with a weekly check-in really helps,” said Rainey. “When you have that extra support, you’re more likely to get out there and try new things until you find the ones that keep you motivated.”

After winning the Maintain Don’t Gain challenge, Rainey continues to enjoy the benefits of  improved health and enhanced fitness.

“That success has carried over into all the other areas of my life,” said Rainey. “I’m more confident on the job and more outgoing with friends. I’m really looking forward to sharing my story and helping motivate others to make healthy changes.”

Healthy for Life classClasses Will Feature Prizes, Movement and Fellowship
The Feb. 4 Healthy For Life class will focus on the best techniques to “Start Your Engine.”  Attendees will receive expert guidance in setting realistic goals to use on the path to becoming Healthy for Life, including tips on how to eat the right amount of calories for your body type, how to minimize empty calories and how to choose the foods that can significantly improve your health.

Each class will also feature a movement-based activity to help members learn fun and easy ways to start burning calories right away. Feb. 4 will feature an exercise called the “Backpack Shuffle” that teaches the benefits of losing just a few pounds. Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and come prepared to be active for a portion of each class.

Healthy for Life classes will also feature door prizes and giveaways. Those who attend the first session on Feb. 4 will be entered to win a Fit Bit wireless fitness tracker that can sync with the resources on Other weekly prizes will be announced at each class.

More Resources Available at
The tracking tool on the Web site,, includes tools for logging exercise, monitoring calories and connecting with others who are making healthy changes. It also offers online challenges and expert tips to keep participants motivated toward their goals. Residents of west Georgia can join the site at any time; those who aren’t participating in the 2014 Weight Loss Challenge can still make use all of the site’s free resources to enhance their health.

Get Healthy West Georgia is a three-year initiative developed to improve nutrition, increase physical activity and reduce obesity in Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties. Led by Tanner Health System, Get Healthy West Georgia is made possible by an initial grant from the Community Foundation of West Georgia and support from additional sponsors. It is also made possible through support from Get Healthy, Live Well, a community transformation grant funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A complete schedule of upcoming Healthy for Life classes is available at

To register for the free classes, call 770.214.CARE. More information is available online at and on Facebook at


Healthy for Life 2014 Schedule
To register for the free classes, call 770.214.CARE.

February 4
Start Your Engine
Your Weight Loss Game Plan

February 11
Fuel Up!
Power Up Your Meals, Snacks and Drinks

February 25
Kick Into Gear
Get Active and Moving

March 4
Healthy Families on the Go
Tips for Busy Families

March 18
Keep Your Motor Humming
Mind-Body Wellness

April 8
Staying in the Healthy Lane
Navigating Diet Pitfalls

April 15
Check Your Engine
Know Your Numbers for Optimal Health

April 29
Hit the Road*
Grand Finale Group Walk
*Tanner Walking Trail


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