Wellness Seminar Teaches West Georgians How to Add Years to Life

IMG_7314On Oct. 16 and 17, 2013, West Georgia residents had an exclusive opportunity to learn how good health and positive habits can literally add years to their lives.

Get Healthy, Live Well—an effort to improve health and wellness residents in Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties—hosted Steven Aldana, Ph.D., a national expert on health and wellness, ,” on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at the University of West Georgia. Nearly 100 people attended Dr. Aldana’s  public discussion titled “10-20 Years of Extra Life – The Choice Is Yours.”

Dr. Aldana is a former professor of lifestyle medicine at Brigham Young University and is currently the CEO and founder of WellSteps, a turnkey wellness program designed to help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for life. He has published more than 60 scientific articles on the prevention, arrest and reversal of America’s most common chronic diseases, and is the author of seven books discussing how healthy lifestyle habits can prevent cardiovascular dis­ease, cancers, diabetes and many other chronic diseases.

IMG_7290Six Weeks to Change Your Life
Obesity rates are higher now than at any other time in human history. Unhealthy behaviors lead to elevated health risks—tobacco use, poor diet and a lack of physical activity are responsible for most chronic diseases and premature death. For many Americans, adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors is a daunting task. The amount of scientific evidence that supports the need for healthy behaviors is overwhelming, yet many people struggle to change their habits.

According to Dr. Aldana, worksites, communities, schools and churches are helping individuals change the status quo by adopting healthy behaviors. In as little as six weeks, individuals who adopt healthy behaviors can significantly improve an array of health risks.

Dr. Aldana’s presentation presented proven, effective steps to dramatically improve one’s health and minimize risks for chronic disease. Attendees learned how to: extend the length of life by 10 to 20 high-quality years; understand chronic diseases; gain the knowledge, motivation, and skills needed to change behaviors; and see how the only long-term solution to excessive body weight is lifestyle change.

IMG_7327Bringing Healthy Changes to Work
Get Healthy, Live Well’s Business and Industry Task Force sponsored Dr. Aldana’s visit. He also provided a presentation to dozens of area businesses during the by-invitation-only Business and Industry Summit—an event for business owners cosponsored by Get Healthy, Live Well and the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce’s Industrial Leadership Council—at Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton.

Those presentations covered how health promotion in the workplace can not only have a positive effect on employees’ waistlines, but also a positive impact on an organization’s bottom line as healthcare costs for employers are now higher than ever. During this in-depth session for business leaders, Dr. Aldana explained how new research proves why companies and public sector organizations should adopt worksite wellness programs to help their employees lead healthy lifestyles and how they can achieve and demonstrate a genuine return-on-investment (ROI).

For more information on Dr. Aldana, visit www.stevealdana.com.