Take 10! Fitness Training

IMG_7561Getting Kids Active 10 Minutes at a Time
Obesity is the #1 health condition facing America’s 12 million young people. Over the past 3 decades, the number of overweight children has doubled, and the number of overweight adolescents has tripled.

Today’s children are spending record amounts of time sitting down — in classrooms, in front of computers and televisions, and in childcare settings. Fewer children than ever before walk to school, have P.E. and recess during school, or are physically active after school. This type of sedentary lifestyle upsets a child’s brain development and energy balance — the balance between calories consumed and calories expended — that determines body weight.

IMG_7491To address the issue of childhood obesity, Get Healthy, Live Well is bringing the proven Take 10! Fitness Training program to west Georgia schools. Teachers have been trained in Carroll and Haralson counties as of fall 2013, with ongoing teacher trainings scheduled in coming months.

About Take 10!
TAKE 10! is an evidenced-based program that promotes physical activity and academic achievement in elementary school classrooms. Highlights include:

  • was developed with GA teachers,
  • targets students & teachers in K to 5th grades,
  • uses age-appropriate movement,
  • integrates grade-specific learning concepts aligned to common core,
  • is a cost-effective tool,
  • appeals to students with different learning styles, and
  • provides positive health behavior messages.

Through the integration of movement with core academic content, TAKE 10! promotes health, physical activity and learning in a fun, safe, and creative way. TAKE 10! is designed for use by elementary school teachers with children in kindergarten through 5th Grades.  The materials feature The TAKE 10! Crew – a group of 5 diverse children designed and named with input from 3rd and 4th grade students in the U.S.

Nearly 100 first grade teachers at schools from Carrollton City School System, Carroll County School System and Haralson County School system have been trained to implement the program in their classrooms.

Brian Mosier, PhD, chair of the Youth Task Force for GHLW has provided the training and will follow up with the teachers throughout the year.  Debbie Kibbe, a member of the task force, has also provided some of the training sessions.

Since 2002, TAKE 10! Has been disseminated to more than50,000 classrooms reaching an estimated 1,000,000 children in 47 states and 4 countries.


IMG_7667Take 10! Facts and Figures

  • Physically active academic lessons of moderate levels improve overall performance on academic achievement tests by 6% compared to a decrease of 1% for controls. (Donnell J, Prev Med, Jan 2011)
  • TAKE 10! students improved math scores when physical activity increased1 and both reading and math scores improved for poorly adapting students2. (1. Murray, et. al. Amer Pub Health Assn, October 29, 2008, San Diego, CA.  2. Murray, et. al. ACSM, May 30, 2008, Indianapolis, IN.)
  • One session each day burns enough calories to prevent 1-3 pounds of excess weight gain during the school year. (Stewart, JA, Dennison, DA, et. al.  Journal of School Health. 2004;74;397-400.)
  • Teachers say it is “easy to use” once each day without disrupting their normal routines. (Lloyd LK, Cook CL, Kohl HK. TAHPERD Journal. 2005;8-11.)

Following TAKE 10! activities, off-task and inattentive behavior of students was reduced by over 20% suggesting that the segment had a positive effect on students’ behavior, and perhaps on readiness to learn. (Kibbe DL, et. al. Prev Med. 2011 Jun 1;52 Suppl 1:S43-50.)

IMG_7495Strengths of the Take 10! Program
The TAKE 10! program has several unique strengths:

  • It promotes physical activity and reduces sedentary behavior, two key aspects of childhood obesity prevention.
  • The program “fits” in the existing school structure and its format was designed with teacher feedback over 10 years.
  • Curriculum integration is a popular learning method, but few programs link core academic subject matter with structured physical activity and health concepts.
  • It adds fun and excitement to the learning environment and creates a unique bond between teachers and students.
  • Teachers perceive the materials to be flexible, adaptable, time efficient.

Program content is evaluated for utility, functionality, efficacy, and acceptability.

IMG_7336What TAKE 10! Users have to say about the program…

“I wanted to give you some feedback on the Take 10 project that I got from my Assistant Principals in a meeting yesterday. They said the 1st grade teachers LOVE it, the kids are more engaged and there are fewer discipline issues. They especially appreciate that they do not lose any instructional time. How is that for good news?” –Dana Riley, Ph.D., Director of Teaching and Learning: Elementary Education and Testing, Carroll County Schools

TAKE 10 has been great for my students. It’s fun, they move and they learn.” –LuAnn Drum, 1st Grade Teacher, GA

You get to get up, move around, and it helps me keep all those verbs in my head!”  –Austin, 4th Grader, TN

My kids absolutely LOVE TAKE 10! I had them jumping the ‘Invisible Jump Rope’ and then we hula hooped both ways counting to 100. It is fabulous…thank you for bringing it to us.” –Danielle Richardson, 1st Grade Teacher, TN

When TAKE 10! was first presented by one of my 3rd grade teachers, I thought it was an interesting idea and agreed to test it.  Now that my teachers are using it, I think it’s making a difference in the kids’ behavior and helps certain children learn better.”  –Brenda Shackleford, Principal, NC